TVT operation: the first, second and third TVT generations


The first TVT: TVT classic

This first TVT generation was invented by a Swedish surgeon Prof. Ulf Ulmsten, and reported on 1996.

With this operation the supportive mid-urethral tape was passed retropubically: below the urethra and towards the abdominal wall - on  bladder both sides.

This procedure duration is 25 min.on average, and requires cystoscopy for ruling out any bladder damage caused by the TVT needles.
More than one million procedures were performed world-wide, with better results compared to the previous operations for the cure of female urinary stress incontinence.


The TVT second generation - TVT OBTURATOR

The trans-Obturator approach, replacing the retro-pubic tape passage, was launched by a French surgeon - Emanuel Delorm (2001: outside-in technique) and then by a Belgian one Jane de-Leval (2003: inside-out technique).

With this second generation operations is the mid-urethral tape passed laterally rather than vertically, through the Obturator fossa instead of behind the pubis. Thus, the neither the bladder nor any other viscera are in hazard of operative damage and cystoscopy is not required.
Hundreds of thousands such operations were carried out around the globe, with outstanding therapeutic results. The only troubling side effect is a mild degree of self limited short lasting post-operative thigh pain.

 The third TVT generation - TVT SECUR

On 2006 was published the third generation of the TVT operation: the TVT SECUR.

With this novel operation the tape is not passed behind the pubis or through the Obturator fossa, but rather harbored with the internus obturator muscle, to minimize any potential hazard to the pelvic organs.

Being only 8 centimeters long is the TVT SECUR operation very safe and almost painless procedure. Dozen of thousands of this operation were completed successfully, by trained surgeons.


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