Significant recent advancement with the domain of Urogynecology merits calling this a separate and new era of interest.


The Urogynecology comes frequently from among the gynecologist or urologists and is devotes to the pelvic floor medicine. Urogynecology is designed as a medical sub specialty in many countries around the globe, and as a special medical field in many others.


This fraction of medicine looks at the impairment with the female quality of live, arising from pathology at the pelvic floor and pelvic organs functions.


Among those one can list the bladder, recto-anal and sexual functions, thus it is obvious that large scale inspection is required for the integral and holistic approach to the Urogynecology patient.


Hence, the sub specialization of a gynecologist or an urologist onto this field is made by thorough and meticulous learning of the very special problems one might meet here and the most advanced therapeutic modalities existing for cure. The Urogynecology female population is estimated to entail op to 20% of the parturient community, and these days most of the women's health centers are furnished with a Urogynecology clinic addressing this specific morbidity. It is commonly believed that the degree of quality of life impairment caused by this, is as sever as caused by diabetes but double in terms of occurrence.


Urogynecology deals with urine and fecal voiding and storage problems and with various degrees of pelvic organ prolapse, both for the anatomical point of view and, even more important for the functional aspect. Newly developed methods of physiotherapy and minimal invasive surgery, combined with new effective and safe medication are present now and makes the therapeutic process much simpler then ever before.


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