Urinary Stress Incontinence

The term stress urinary incontinence refers to situations where the uncontrolled urination is provoked by physical stress as coughing, sneezing, jumping, sexual intercourse, laughing and many other activities.


This condition is common - up to 20% of the parturient women are affected, and is generally caused by traumatic vaginal delivery, when the anterior pelvic floor support to the urethra and bladder is damaged. Frequently, suffers the affected person of social embarrassment following these unpleasant events. People are reluctant to seek for medical assistance because of shame, belief that the incontinence is part of getting older and because of unawareness to the modern therapeutic modalities.


The Urogynecology field of medicine is worldwide spread now days and urogynecologic clinics are providing various and patient tailored solution for curing efficiently the urinary incontinent patients. Physiotherapy might improve urinary stress incontinence to some degree with selected patients while lately developed minimal invasive surgical methods provide long lasting solutions for many others.


Among these are the classic TVT, the TVT-Obturator, which provides some benefits and the "mini sling" as the TVT Secur, designed to be safer and more effective then the previous versions.


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