TVT - Second-Line Anti-Incontinence Surgery

The TVT Procedure as Second-Line Anti-Incontinence Surgery for TVT-Obturator Failure Patients.
Neuman, Menahem MD


AIM: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the TVT procedure as a second-line anti-incontinence operation for TVT-obturator failure patients.


METHODS: Five patients with a urodynamic-diagnosed TVT-obturator procedure therapeutic failure had a TVT operation. Follow-up periods lasted 3 to 11 months.


RESULTS: The 5 TVT patients were completely dry, intraoperative diagnostic cystoscopies were unremarkable, and no perioperative complications were recorded.


CONCLUSIONS: The TVT procedure is a safe, easy-to-perform, and effective second-line operation for the cure of post-TVT-obturator persistent urinary stress incontinence. However, long-term data collection is required before drawing solid conclusions regarding this surgical approach for women diagnosed with TVT-obturator failure.


Source: Journal of Pelvic Medicine & Surgery. 12(3):161-163, May/June 2006


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