Therapy for Over Active Bladder (OAB)

Bladder over activity, unless related to a specific pathology as urinary tract infection or urinary foreign body and thus should be treated accordingly, is commonly idiopathic. Either motor or sensor neurological backgrounds are frequently the underlying cause for the typical symptoms of frequency, urgency, nocturia and urge urinary incontinence that interferes significantly with the affected patient's quality of life.

Given that OAB (Over Active Bladder) occurrence is as frequent as both - diabetes and bronchial asthma, is understandable need for effective, free of side-effects and safe therapy understandable. Previously were various anti cholinergic and anti muscarinic medications prescribed for reducing the undesired spontaneous detrusor (bladder muscle) contractions, but patients drop treatment because of sever side effects mainly mouth dryness.


Newly developed bladder specific muscle relaxing agents are now available upon physician's prescription, entailing high OAB cure and improved safety.


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