Over Active Bladder (OAB)

Over Active Bladder is a term referring to uncontrolled contractions of the muscular bladder wall. This leads to frequency urination (more then 7 times during awakens or more then once while asleep), urgency - the need to pass urine immediately when the sensation appears and urinary incontinence which is related to the need to void. The interference with daily activity and with social life is frequently sever.


Bladder over activity might be caused by urinary infection, by a foreign body like urinary calculi or related to strong desire to void. While infections and urinary foreign bodies are treated specifically, patients suffering unexplained Bladder Over Activity symptoms as frequent or urgent urination and urgent incontinence are mostly treated with anti-cholinergic medications to reduce both the motor and the sensor neural activity.


Achieving reduction of this uncontrolled detrusor (bladder muscle) activity, the daily and nocturnal urgency, frequency and urge incontinence are avoided, improving significantly the patient's quality of life.


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